Speech Therapist or Audiologist

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Jan 2019

Speech Therapist or Audiologist

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Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB)
January 2, 2019
Magog, Canada
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We also welcome applicants who would prefer part-time work (2-3 days/week)



The position of speech therapist or audiologist encompasses, in particular, responsibility for carrying out prevention, screening and evaluation activities with students experiencing or likely to experience hearing, language, speech or voice problems and for determining and implementing a speech therapy or audiology treatment and intervention plan focussing on developing, restoring or maintaining communication skills of students in interaction with their environment and help them pursue their educational path.


The speech therapist or audiologist analyzes and interprets the information gathered, evaluates the students' hearing, language, speech or voice functions, including students with handicaps or social maladjustments and students suffering from a mental or neurophysiological disorder attested to by a diagnosis or an evaluation conducted by qualified personnel. He or she determines, as part of an individualized education plan, a speech therapy or audiology treatment and intervention plan to meet the student's needs.

He or she participates in developing and implementing a speech therapy or audiology service, while taking into account the academic and administrative requirements of both the educational institutions and the school board.

He or she participates in the planning, delivery or supervision of activities designed to prevent the onset of communication problems or to detect communication disorders and to complement the activities of the other resources concerned.

He or she contributes to the screening and identification of students experiencing difficulties, using an approach focussing on prevention and intervention; he or she works with a multidisciplinary team to draw upand review a student’s individualized education plan by including the speech therapy or audiology treatment and intervention plan in the plan, if necessary; he or she participates in defining intervention objectives and means; he or she works with other team members to ensure concerted and coordinated interventions and assess the achievement of objectives.

He or she works with a class or group of students exhibiting common difficulties or specific problems so as to facilitate their learning and social integration.

He or she provides advice and support to the teacher and explains to him or her the nature of the student’scommunication difficulties so that he or she may adapt his or her teaching and the instructional materialsused; he or she informs the teacher of the effect of the difficulties on the student’s or group’s learning andsocial adaptation; he or she ensures the development and adaptation of existing learning materials; he or she participates in choosing oral communication aids.


He or she provides support and the necessary tools to family members and other school resources as well as pertinent advice so as to enable the latter to develop attitudes and skills fostering the development of thestudent’s communication skills. He or she plans, organizes and conducts training, information and awareness- building activities related to communication difficulties.

He or she establishes and maintains collaboration and relationships with partner organizations; he or she contacts the other resources concerned to obtain or provide advice and information; he or she may refer the student or his or her parents to resources appropriate to the situation and needs.

He or she advises management staff, prepares expertise, evaluation, briefing and progress reports and makes appropriate recommendations to support decision making.

He or she prepares and updates files according to the standards related to the practice of the profession and the rules defined by the school board; he or she prepares progress notes or reports as well as end-of-process and follow-up reports on his or her interventions.


Be a member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec.


-Demonstrated ability to work effectively in English and French;
-Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team while maintaining a good sense of professional autonomy; -Ability to adapt to the needs of elementary school students;
-Knowledge of current theory and research in the field of speech language pathology;


Director of Complementary Services To be determined

Please send your application in writing to:

[email protected]


Human Resources Department 340, Saint-Jean-Bosco Magog, QC J1X 1K9 FAX: (819) 868-3821

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